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In the adjacent nature park you can wander for hours through the woods without meeting anyone. Unexpected encounters with wild boar, deer, roe deer and mouflons are possible, especially if you are in the woods early in the morning or late afternoon at dusk. On the photo the nagy kö (big stone)

If you enjoy cycling with a mountain bike, both beginners and advanced can make beautiful trips. You can make it as heavy or difficult as you want. We have tours from 1 am to 4 hours in the adjacent natural park. Most of the photos on this website were taken in the area or on the site itself.

If you want to canoe, you first have to drive an hour to the Tisza or Lake Tisza. We can reserve canoes for you. It is also possible to spend the night at the Tisza or at Lake Tisza. Would you like canoeing for a day and are you a bird lover? Then we recommend Lake Tisza. This lake is home to a great amount of waterfowls and just about all European heron species.

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